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If you are unable to select the type of roofing you should prefer for your house, you should definitely look at this piece of content. You will get to know a lot about metal roofing and how beneficial they are. Metal roofing is so gaining so much value these days as people realize that a strong and sturdy roof is the requirement in these times. If your roof is perfectly built with the best quality material used, you will have a trouble-free roofing experience. At Coral Springs Metal Roofing Elite Contracting Group, we want you to know what kind of metal roof will suit you and the reasons a metal roof must be installed in the first place.

What is the metal roof?

The metal roof uses pieces of metals formed in the form of panels and possesses supreme features of durability and longevity.

Benefits of installing a metal roof

There are practical reasons to install a metal roof as compared to its alternatives like asphalt shingles, tiles, or clay, and concrete. Common reasons to buy metal roofs are-

Longevity – metal roofs are capable of lasting for more than 50 years. They live for the long term without showing any sign of corrosion.

 Durability – the metal roofs can be designed to withstand strong winds, debris, rain, snow, mildew, rodents, and hail.

Eco-friendly Roof– Metal roofs are mostly recyclable. It means you won’t affect the environment as your metal roof won’t end in a landfill once it passes its prescribed age.

Resistant and Strong– Metal roofs are quite resistant to corrosion, leakage, strong winds, and are strong rough to withstand heavy rains and hail-stones.

What are the components of a metal roof?

  • Metal sheets and coils– metal coils are mostly long and continuous metal rolls. These coils have been treated with paints and coating of suitable choice. In the beginning, the metal roofs are in the form of a sheet or coil. They are then rolled out and cut to form metal panels of suitable length.
  • Panels –they are roll-formed pieces of the metal. The panels are ready to use and can be seamed together to form a roof.
  • Seam – seams are the side ribs where the metal panels usually meet and form a connection. They can be mechanically seamed or can be done manually.
  • Profile –this is the shape in which the metal panels are formed. It is an important factor in determining the style in which the panels will fit and connect.

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What are metal roofing installation accessories?

Underlayment – is the layer of material that is present underneath the metal panels. This layer is important in providing protection from moisture, ice, high temperature. Underlayment can be installed mechanically, or glue can be used to self-adhere to the underlayment on the roof deck. Different materials used as the underlayment is- felt, synthetic (polypropylene or polyethylene), and fully adhered to peel and stick.

Clips– the roof deck is attached to metal panels using clips. They are put on the standing seam portion of the panel, attached to the roof deck by fasteners. Once the bottom panel has a clip attached, the top panel is kept over the clip, and both the panels are snapped together or are mechanically seemed into place. This way, both the panels are attached securely.

Fasteners - are the screws that join the roof deck's metal roof during the installation process.

Rivets– their function is similar to fasteners, but they require a special rivet gun for installation.

Sealant –they have an important role and are used for sealing out water, dust, wind, and other materials that can get into the small spaces. Using sealant makes the roof weather tight. Silicone or polyurethane is generally used in making sealants. Nowadays, most of the sealants come with colors matching the roof panels.

Butyl tape– it has a similar function as of sealant. It seals cracks and seams on metal roofing. It is commonly used for trimming purposes. It differs from sealant because it is in the form of one or two-sided tape and seals using compression.

Clamps – they are metal parts of small size and are tightened and attached to the top of the metal roof at its standing seam. They have screws that help attach extra roofing materials such as solar panels, satellite dishes, signs, and AC units.

Pipe boat– if any exhaust pipe exits through the roof, pipe boats are installed around them. The product used in the manufacture of pipe boats includes EPDM rubber. The pipe boar can be cut to fit the dimension of the exhaust pipe. They are available in matching colors of the metal roof.

Why is Coral Springs Metal Roofing Elite Contracting Group the best choice for you?

You need a roofer who is expert and well trained in his work for perfectly done metal roofing. If the roofer makes any mistake during the installation process, you will face the consequences shortly. So, while choosing a metal roof contractor, you must be thorough with the details. Our customers trust our metal roofing services because of the following reasons – 

  • High-quality material usage
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  • Customer satisfaction
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  • All kinds of metal roofing, repair, replacement work done
  • Variety of designs and options to choose from
  • Proper planning and schematic work management

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