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The metal roofing system is widely used in commercial and industrial sectors. But people feel some kind of fear for installing metal roofs at their residential places. This is so because all the houses around their location have not installed them, and they are using the old and traditional style of roofs.  Those who know the benefits and amazing qualities of a metal roof do not hesitate and prefer metal roofs for their residential places. The beauty of metal roofs is that they can be designed in a way that can mimic the traditional shingles and roofs.

Building roofs are not done very frequently. People need to prepare a full budget and have a thorough analysis of what kind of roof they wish for. A strong and sturdy roof is a necessity for every building. People in Florida are knowledgeable and are moving ahead with time. They are smart and can understand what is right for them.

Coral Springs Metal Roofing Elite Contracting Group in your town of Coral Springs, Florida, provides the best quality metal roofs for residential and commercial purposes. We deal in providing high-class service.

Metal roofs consist of pieces of metals that are rolled to form shingles or panels. Metal roofing is becoming an increasing trend in the residential areas as it holistically manages to solve all the issues a roof for residential area faces.

It is perfectly designed and looks so stunning and desirable. The qualities a metal roof possess are-

Durability – this is the most impressive and desired character. Metal roofs possess a high degree of durability. They can withstand winds with high velocity measuring up to 120 mph. They are not damaged or destroyed by hailstorms and other natural calamities like hurricanes and tornadoes. In extreme weather conditions, the metal roof will protect your house. They are very sturdy. Your house will be protected from all the conditions with minimal maintenance.

Beautiful designs – a metal roof comes in so much variety and designs. They can occur in any color you want to install for your house. They can make a bold and strong architectural statement and can complement effortlessly in any residential or household area. Such roofs can be formed to look like other common roofing material such as asphalt, clay, cedar, or slate roofing. The kind of effect you wish for your metal roofs depends entirely on the choice of the user. They can blend in or stand out very effectively.

Strong protection against fire – the highest possible rating in protection against fire is class A. And the metal roofs carry the class A rating. If you live in some fire-prone area, a metal roof installation for your house can be the safest option. It is noncombustible as compared to petroleum-based asphalt or wood shingles.

Protection against lightning – many people have this misconception that metal roofs are prone to lightning. But the metal roofs provide superior protection as they are electrically conductive and noncombustible.

Eco-friendly roofing – metals roofs are generally made from 25% recycled materials, and they can be recycled completely (100%). So, they do not damage the environment, and the load of landfills is greatly reduced.

What types of metal roofing fits well in a residential area?

Standing seam metal roofs – the standing seam has been used widely for residential and commercial purposes these days. People are generally having this thought that metal roofing includes only standing seam. Standing seam metal roofs are strong and reliable in nature.

They are very reliable and provide a distinctive contemporary look. The residential roofs are generally smaller, compact as compared to a commercial roof. In such a situation, the standing seam metal roof proves beneficial. Here the seam is raised above the height of the roof deck. The standing seam metal panels have a lesser width, usually around 12 inches. The standing seam metal roofs can provide a traditional look. The standing seam roofs that use a clip system are beneficial in the long run.

Corrugated metal roofs – the corrugated metal panels utilize metal in which the panels are rolled into a wavy and rounded form. The s shape of the metal panels is a distinctive characteristic of the corrugated panels. Through the help of these corrugations, the strength of the roof is increased many folds. These panels are generally overlapped and screwed down to the structure.

Metal roofs shingles and panels – metals are modified into shapes that can resemble Spanish and mission tiles, slates, and Victorian slates. They are then coated or painted with aluminum and suitable paints to give an excellent finish. The metal shingles are manufactured as panels that can be later formed as shingles of suitable size and form.

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Why you choose Coral Springs Metal Roofing Elite Contracting Group for residential metal roofing?

We hope to provide good quality material and services in metal roofing. We build relation before we build a roof, and the satisfaction of the customer is primarily important to us. We have an affordable price range, and our organization is licensed. We have a team of well-versed and experienced professionals who know their job perfectly well and perform their work with efficiency.

Once you collaborate with us, you will experience the best quality roofing and customer care services. We have a huge variety of services here. All your solutions and issues regarding metal roofing can be cleared under one roof. 

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